Scouting Outlook: William Mosley a.k.a. The Human Elevator

There was big uncertainty in Serbian basketball public about new Partizan Belgrade addition at position C William Mosley. 202 cm tall big man born in 1989. was brought from his career-time experience in Italian first, second and third rank of basketball. William was shaping his name in Apennine Peninsula since 2012-2013 season and he established as great shot blocker and rebounder at Italian ranks level.

William Mosley a.k.a. The Human Elevator graduated after 4 years at Northwestern State College in Southland Conference division. His University is not among the leading schools in USA without any remarkable basketball player coming from that program, but Mosley used this Uni for finding his first jobs in Europe. He graduated as the 5th most prolific shot blocker in NCAA history with astonishing 456 blocks.

Last season, actually the 1st in Italian highest rank, was moderately successful for Mosley. He delivered exactly what was expected from him, but without any fireworks. William was the 2nd blocker of Italian Serie A with 1.4 blocks per game, while he added 7.6 points and 5.9 rebounds averagely. He was struggling all season long from free throws with 42.2 free throw percentage, while being deadly around the rim with his dunks (71.2% for 2).

Physical Profile

William Mosley is 202 cm tall big man with long arms, quick feet and around 103-4 kg. He is very fast, both vertically and laterally while capable of using his size to the maximum extent. His vertical leap is impressive, which all helps him in style of play he is capable of.

Photo: Iasenza F.

Offensive Game

William Mosley is not polished offensive player, so his skills are strictly limited to pick and roll game, cuts and offensive rebounds.

In pick and roll sets he can be productive from both sides of the floor, while his main area remains in center of the field (so called high pick and roll). Mosley is obviously very experienced in this sets of plays while he uses his body and shoulders to the maximum extent allowed by the referees while making screens and preparing for his roll towards the rim. It is more than easily seen that Mosley is very dangerous from his high-flying attributes with many alley ups and dunks from these sets. His timing for roll is almost perfect, while his agility and handy movement help him a lot in traffic situations.

To be quite clear, Mosley is limited to full rolling activity in pick and roll, while he has no range or passing ability to be used as short roller nor slip roller. William is also very limited if not finishes from alley up and dunk with less than basic back to basket technique and lack of low post fakes.

In cutting Mosley is very aggressive towards the rim. He likes to be very close to basket all the time causing many troubles to defense with his anticipation and rebounding ability. Mosley is very quick, so he is the nightmare match offensively for slower centers or such who are customed staying far up in defensive sets. In this area, he is still very limited with the very same reasons as stated above. More than one-two contacts with ball and Mosley is close to missing a shot or making a mistake.

Finally, his players profile in offense will not be completed without noting very big quality in his game connected with both ends of the floor: rebounding. Mosley is truly efficient offensive rebounder, always waiting for his chance to dunk ball fiercely or making easy put back. His positioning in these situations is elite, while his tools are helping him a lot to finish some of the impossible situations at first sight. His nickname speaks volumes about his vertical leap and capabilities – The Human Elevator.

Defensive Game

Defensive end is part of game which brings contracts to Mosley all these years. Despite being very undersized for position 5, he guarantees to his employees steady number of rebounds and blocks in every league – in every situation. William has fast reactions, he is always contesting the shots, defending the low post or being aggressive in pick and roll sets in many different roles coaches have given to him through years.

The cornerstone of his defensive work is built with exceptional shot blocking and good rebounding. Mosley is player who likes small contact with the opponent all the time, waiting for reactions and always active both in team defense or 1 on 1. Of course, he is not like elite defenders at European level like Bryant Dunston or Jan Vesely, while he lacks better reading, far deeper understanding of rotations and better experience so far in his career.

William is sometimes lost in switching and rotations, though always trying hard to recover or correct teammate defensive mistakes. Fast legs and solid anticipation help him tons in these situations, while he still reacts “bit too much” on fakes and faints.

While defending low post situations Mosley is hugely dependable of type of the opponent attacking him. His vertical leap and tools don’t help too much against strong low post centers with bunch of moves and size to pin him down and finish. Mosley is not strong enough for that type of big guys, but he always tries hard at least with active hands and fast legs. Luckily for him, that type of centers is rare in Italian Serie A, but that will change in ABA league and EuroCup this season which will make this part of his game specially intriguing to monitor through the season.

Pick and roll defense for Mosley is his huge pros. He is very fast with adequate reactions and he can be used in many ways in defense, depending on coaches wishes. Very important, his lateral quickness follows his vertical ability, which makes him like very solid defensive option in switching, blitzing and other types of pick and roll defense.

Photo: Iasenza F.

Final Opinion

William Mosley is definitely something new in transfer market of ABA league. It is very hard to predict the outcome of, at least bit risky, transfer move by coach Andrea Trinchieri and sports management of Partizan BC, but time will show if giving a back-up role to this kind of center was worth his wage, contract length and general idea in minds of coaching stuff and management. Gamble will/will not pay of, we will see…

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