Scouting Outlook: Lorenzo Brown

New Crvena Zvezda addition Lorenzo Brown (PG/SG, 196 cm, 1990.) spent last season between NBA league and Chinese CBA. Brown was part of, later to be proved, NBA Champions Toronto Raptors, where he achieved 2.2 ppg and 1.1 apg in 25 games.

Year before last Lorenzo was leading star of Raptors 905 averaging impressive numbers such as 18.9 ppg, 8.7 apg, 5.2 rpg and 1.6 spg. That was, obviously, the best season in his pro career, starring at G league level and playing some NBA games as well (17 games, 10 minutes per).

Physical Profile

Lorenzo Brown has impressive size for point guard position. He is 196 cm tall – 89 kg full size guard capable of covering both position 1 and 2. His frame is average one, but wingspan and sport built is visible at first sight. Lorenzo’s quickness is solid, both laterally and vertically, but he is well knows as slow-rhythm player.

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Offensive game

Lorenzo Brown offensive game is cornered around great pick and roll, good transition and solid ISO sets. He has improved in some aspects like shooting and decision making over years, but he is not so close to reliable shooter at this moment.

In pick and roll sets Lorenzo is very versatile player with solid options to finish the call by himself or to find rolling man, open shooter or cutter with his pass. As he is not perfect shooter from behind the arc, Lorenzo often chooses penetration or floater, instead of being 3pt or mid-range threat. His strides are big, looks almost like “floating” through the paint and as final result Brown is really good penetrator. Truthfully, he is quite limited to using right hand or right side penetration, but his effectiveness is still very big due his skills and size. No matter he avoids shooting mid range shots, he has improved this segment quite remarkable. Lorenzo is now capable of pretty accurate mid range jumper, as well as different types of floaters.

Brown is using screens to the maximum extent with his sneaky moves. When finding teammates out of pnr Brown is flashing his remarkable vision. Often underestimated by many coaches as pure PG, Lorenzo’s vision and creativity remained hidden since college days till season 2017/18 and coach Jerry Stackhouse. Former NBAer noticed these skills and pushed Lorenzo to be with ball in his hands and first creator of the team. Browns passing is accurate, nicely timed and he is always using size in pnr sets to see over defenders.

Another area where his physical attributes and skills thrive is transition game. Long strides help him a lot covering the floor fast, while decent ball handling and number of dribbles make room for different solutions out of open floor game. He can go coast to coast, shoot or find team mate with his passing in these situations. At time, though, Lorenzo decision making in the process is questionable – he rushes, or quite the opposite – waits too long with his passing.

ISO situations, especially at lower level than NBA, are perfect spots for Lorenzo to show his different dribbles and moves. He changes speed well, has some hesitation and swaggy fakes, while his general basketball IQ helps him in finding right solutions out of ISO.

Lorenzo Brown has improved his shooting, but it is still the area of his game with a sign “work in progress”. His release is very fast, while he become regular threat out of catch and shoot situations. Anyway, his release is without enough ball rotation, too straight and strong, which causes many misses from open looks behind the arc.

Defensive Game

Lorenzo Brown is highly decorated player in G League with a trademark in his defensive game. As pick and roll defender, he thrives and has many pros to offer, while he is very usable both in 1 and 1 and other team defenses out of pnr.

Lorenzo has enough strength, elite size and speed which are basic elements for successful defender at highest European level.

In pick and roll defense Lorenzo is always active, fighting through screens and with good anticipation and reading of situations. He has quick lateral moves and sneaky reactions, so he rarely stays pinned in screens and out of defensive set. Also, due his overall vivid reactions, Lorenzo is capable of fast recoveries and he is hard nosed, always ready to defend ball handlers in these sets. Brown likes contact in pnr, while he has good feeling to level it up for referees not to make a call. Although, he has very active movement on the floor, it is visible that Lorenzo struggles with defending mid range shots out of pick and roll, as well as some lightening quick guards with fast changes.

Lorenzo Brown is good reader with improved anticipation and natural poise in defense. He rotates well, using his long arms to contest shots, always working hard to cover the ground and help his teammates. Still, he reacts way too much on fakes and dribbles, while he is also gambling at steals at times.

His physicality and defensive mind set helps him a lot staying always active and in front of the opposition. He is gifted defender, not only naturally, but also trained to be such because it was his boarding pass to the NBA league.

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Final Opinion

Lorenzo Brown is so called “gamble” on the transfer market at European level. No Euro experience does not help in this case, while he is definitely proved and very quality player taking into account his skill-set and general experience. It is expected that Brown will be on his own in defense, but offensive game and shooting confidence remain questionable till the season starts. What is also notable, from his previous experiences, is that he highly depend on quality coach and exact role given to him.


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