Pau Ribas for Double-Double: FC Barcelona teams are made for titles…

Double-Double English is starting it’s series of interviews with the best players in Europe with Barcelona born and raised guard Pau Ribas.

Prat and Joventut basketball product has touched the sky with Spain’s National Team winning the Gold medal at European Championship in 2015, as well as with playing in Barcelona jersey.

1. Your father Jordi Ribas was the professional basketball player. Has it affected your decision to find yourself in this marvellous sport?

Yes, I saw him playing when I was just a kid… but I think I played basketball no matter what.

2. Prat and Joventut Badalona were places were you made first serious basketball steps. Could you revoke your memories about time spent in Joventut, club which is well-known for fantastic basketball youth system?

I remember practice a lot, every day… that’s the reason I’m here 100

3. Basketball CV shows that you have acquired constant growth in your career. You have won trophies wherever you played. Can you tell us some memories connected with Endesa League title with Baskonia and Eurocup crown in Valencia?

I’m a lucky man. Won titles everywhere I played is the best for a sportsman. I remember the satisfaction of work well done after long seasons.


4. Barcelona chapter is definitely the biggest one so far. How do you feel about your team chances this season in Liga Endesa and new format Euroleague? What are the limits of this squad under coach Bartzokas?

Like always FC Barcelona teams are made for titles. That’s what we expected. Fight and compete to see if we get the top spot in these competitions.

5. Playing for Barcelona means playing in your home town. Is the pressure even bigger because of that, or you are not affected with it at all? How do you handle pressure in general?

No. Pressure is for everybody here. You must handle it or you are not made for this team.

6. In this season, you share your minutes on the floor with big names like Tyrese Rice and Petteri Koponen, as well as young Serbian talent Stefan Peno. What would you underline as Barcelona guard line advantages in comparison with leading teams in Europe?

We are so compatible, any match-up between us have strengths. We need to know each other better every practice and every game, because it’s our first season together. We are on the way.

7. Every club where you starred was loaded with quality players and coaches. Can you name some of your teammates you reckon as best players you teamed so far? The same for coaches?

Ricky, Rudy, Navarro, Huertas, Splitter, Both Gasols

Aito, Scariolo

8. The most glorious story is connected with playing for NT of Spain at 2015 Euro Basket. You have won the silver medal at the 2007 FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship, but gold medal with Senior NT is something which stays in memory for the whole life. What was the feeling of fantastic summer 2015. for you?

Was my first NT summer, and with important role in the team. So that medal was best trophy in my career, but what I remember was the respect of my work for all my teammates, big basketball stars in NBA.

9. It is well-known that you started basketball trainings at the age of four. Spark of love for basketball is still moving you forward in the sport, which is easily seen. What is that force which moves you all the time? In next 10 days you will play 5 games…

All my best Friends started basketball like me back then, but they couldn’t get that far. It’s a big responsibility carry with the dream of all us. So I have to enjoy because I’m a privileged.

10. At the end, we would like to know more about Pau in private life? What are your favorite free time activities? Do you have some movie/book/music recommendations to our readers?

I’m a normal guy. I meet my friends ones a week like always did to talk about everything. I enjoy walks with my dog, cinema once a while… Try to read OPEN of Andre Agassi life.

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