Scouting I: L’ Hospitalitet studs (Video)

Barcelona has conquered L’ Hospitalitet tournament with some ease, but there were players who caught attention individually all over the tournament.

1. Biram Faye (C, 206 cm, 2000.)

Biram Faye recorded double-double averages of 12.8 points and 11.5 rebounds through the tournament with best game displayed vs. Union Olimpija (index 26).

These numbers were not followed by exceptionally well shooting percentages nor for 2 (43.6%), nor from FT line (65.4). Still, Biram caught attention with great ability to compel fouls, set strong screens and use his body well. He was out of 1 month shoulder injury, so it gives additional value to his numbers and slightly explains his below average conversion around the rim.

These nice rebounding contribution and ability to be strong on the floor are not something new from Biram. He is around top 3 rebounders in EBA league since the beginning of season, while he has great physicals to use for being dominant. Exactly the word dominant in the paint and in play is the right word which describes his game.

If I have to say just a few words about Biram it would be the following ones: long, athletic, great screener, hard hands and great frame.

Source: Šormaz

2. Aleksander Balcerowski (C, 215 cm, 2000.)

Aleksander Balcerowski proved to be one of top 15 2000. born potentials in Europe. He displayed very interesting style of game for 215 cm tall guy. Stretch guy with great mobility and soft hands of that size is not easy to see everyday, and Aleksander used it at best.

What is even more impressive is his shooting mechanics, which looks almost great for player of his size. He has range and ability to pour behind the arc as well. Mid-rangers are kind of must in his game.

His numbers at L’ Hospitalitet were not so impressive ones, especially in rebounding and FT drawn. He has to work hard gaining strength and toughness to compete with the best later on in senior career.

Source: Šormaz

3. Luka Samanic (PF, 208 cm, 2000.)

Luka Samanic recorded solid numbers at L’ Hospitalitet ANGT, but he was far from TOP 5 of the tournament. Still, 8 ppg and 5.2 rpg look good enough for this kind of super prospect.

Samanic had some genius moments through tournament in few roles: as passer, as scorer and as kind of skilled big. His body control is great, and he is capable of displaying some super flashes. the main question is if he is capable to flash all through games?

His dribbling is impressive for 208 cm guy with additional room to improve, while his physicals are not perfect ones so far, but Luka is close to becoming dunking machine. By the way, he was dunk contest winner at recent Tenerife Junior Tournament.

Source: Šormaz

4. Darko Bajo (PF, 204 cm, 1999.)

Despite I see Darko Bajo as senior small forward, I decided to analyze his current qualities regarding PF/SF position.

Darko Bajo is very capable prospect but his time to dominate should be closer and closer. He is kind of player who is always looking like he can do whatever he want on the floor, but he is not constantly returning the favor.

His numbers at ANGT were good ones: 14 ppg and 6.3 rpg, while he added kind of big 3.8 turnovers.

Source: Šormaz

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