Day 1: The best kids of L’ Hospitalitet (VIDEO)

ANGT campaign has started at L’ Hospitalitet junior Euroleague tournament with Barcelona shining in both games.

The Spanish Powerhouse is definitely the biggest force of this ANGT tournament, with at least 5-6 players catching scout attention at different levels.

We should start our story with brilliant Barca forward Sergi Martinez (born 1999.) who overpowered ALBA Berlin with ease: 22 points (10/11 for 2!, 2/4 FT, 0/2 for 3), 5 rebounds (4 offensive!).

Sergi Martinez (202 cm) bombed opponents today with great PIR 20, but the main factor on the floor, in his case, are not pure numbers. He has great off ball movement, he is very active on boards, while his back to basket game is already polished enough for constant use. Martinez is great converter around the rim, which can be transcended at another level as well.

Martinez story vs. ALBA Berlin can be seen here:

Source: Šormaz

Serbian forward Andrija Marjanovic (202 cm, born 1999.) was more than solid at both games as well, contributing with 9.5 ppg with 42.9% behind the arc. Marjanovic lacked concentration and power to convert for 2 (3/10), but his time is yet to come.

Another two “Balkan” guys who shined in Blaugrana jersey were 2000. born Montenegrin Nikola Zizic (208 cm, C) and one of the biggest Croatian prospects Luka Samanic (208 cm, SF/PF). Both added respectable numbers (8 ppg+9 ppg), yet Zizic struggled for 2 with only 7/17. Zizic was definitely close to double double averages with 8ppg+8reb.

Another Spanish who shined was Raimon Carrasco (SG/PG, 1999., 188cm) with 9.5 ppg and 5 apg, while we all expect far more from Lithuanian young gun Arnas Velicka.

Second perfect team of Day 1 was Gran Canaria with 2 wins over ALBA Berlin and Olimpija Ljubljana.

One of the most interesting “islanders” is definitely 215 cm tall Polish center Aleksander Balcerowski (born 2000.) who looked kind of frightened during this day. Despite that fact he has shown versatile ability and soft hand for kid of his size. He splashed solid 7 ppg, but he lacked activity at rebound and made bit too much turnovers (2.5 ppg).

Another one who displayed great numbers is 3pt loving guard born 199. Javi Lopez. lopez converts just a bit of his threes, but he has active hands and sees all on the floor.

Third interesting prospect is Senegalese big man Biram Faye (206 cm, born 2000.) who displayed impressive 14+17 point gamesincluding 8+15 rebounds. Biram lacked concentration and technique to convert better around the rim ( 10/23 for 2), as well as below average FT shooting (11/16) but his great displays earned our video presentation:

Source: Šormaz

Honorable mention from Gran Canaria squad goes to young young Montenegrin forward Jovan Kljajic (197 cm, born 2001.) who averaged 10 ppg. Jovan has impressive room for improvements, but he needs to work hard and try to overcome the visible struggles in his game. Still, this what he has presented today earned him highlighted spot in my scouting notebook.

Cedevita and Olimpija had different day. While Zagreb guys gained nice win over PAO, Olimpija got two big slaps from two Spanish sides with no chance to win any.

Cedevita was led forward with great displays from Antonio Jordano (PG, 189 cm, born 1999.) and Toni Nakić (SG, 194 cm, born 1999.). For further analyze of this guys we should wait second game, but their shooting today was very respectable one.

Source: Šormaz

Additionally, the biggest prospect of this Cedevita squad, Darko Bajo, had solid time on the floor with 12 pts and 5 rebs:

Source: Šormaz

Final videos will be given for very interesting prospect Badu Buck (born 1999.) form ALBA Berlin and PAO sniper Georgios Kalaitzakis (born 1999.). More about them, as well as other guys, after Day 2 of L’ Hospitalitet.

Badu Buck:


Greek sniper torturing Cedevita:

Sources for both: Šormaz

Special thanks should go to Basket Cantera TV.

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