Brave Isaiah Austin, big applause for Crvena Zvezda

Ex-Baylor star and potential lottery pick Isaiah Austin will play his first minutes as pro baller in Serbia, the fact which makes me proud.

Crvena Zvezda/FMP decided to give him new start of his basketball career, and that move earned big admiration among the fans in Serbia and all around the world. The story of Isaiah is not the easy one, but this guy has fought so hard and so much for this fresh opportunity – Crvena Zvezda/FMP was big enough to give it.

Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Morning News

While Isaiah Austin was conquering NCAA floors in Baylor jersey, with his draft mock raising high after every star performance, no one could thought about fate which will cruelly stop NBA hopes of this young fighter – the Marfan syndrome was discovered just few days before the final draft night 2014.

This dangerous disease was dream stopper in Isaiah case. In stead of Summer League(s) and NBA team camp fighting for minutes, this exceptional young man was fighting something far more serious -beyond all far more worth than anything.

This story is not about illness nor it should be – it is about fantastic physical and mental strength of Isaiah Austin to overcome this awful issue and play basketball again. This was not the first hit to Austin’s life/basketball hopes, sight problems were the previous issue, but Isaiah has grown over both – with his 216 cm and mental power bigger than any mountain.

His dream comeback, after doctor cleared him to play, was not the easy task again. Crvena Zvezda emerged as the possible destination, through it’s farm team FMP Zeleznik, and showed exceptional understanding and braveness for this move. It should be highlighted that Austin’s health should always remain the No. 1 thing, but this Crvena Zvezda move can be described with usual basketball terminology “low risk – high reward” as well. The Belgrade Red-Whites have decided to give room to Isaiah and test his abilities after this long pause. His task would not be easy, while his new team has relegation struggles in ABA league and his role would be double savior one. Isaiah will have the burden of position 5 in this team, while he will do his best to relive himself as basketball individual.

I assume that Isaiah Austin will do both tasks in perfect way, like he had done all the basketball things before. Still, the club focus, as well as his own, should stay at his health condition only, at least for some time.

The only thing left is that we all wish warm welcome to Isaiah, great health and nice minutes on the floor – let this be the start of his new chapter in life – much brighter than this one he has passed.

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