Belgrade ANGT – Preview

Despite already rumored among the scouts as one of the weakest ANGT tournaments in recent times, Belgrade ANGT 2017 has a lot to offer. I will try to argument it in following lines.

I agree about the fact that this ANGT is one of the hardest for scouts who like to come prepared on every tournament and watch only details they are interested in particular. Here it will be almost impossible. Scouts task would be more complex. For many players of this ANGT preparation will be done during Day 1 of the tournament, while details will be added later.

In the favor of my thesis speaks the list of “players to watch” at official ANGT website, which I cannot approve. Guys there are, in my opinion, just more watched and known than others. In line with that, my list would be totally different.

I will not give any specific scouting remark about any of the following guys. In contrary, I will just point at them as potentials with higher ceiling than others. In the following days we will analyze their games and remarks made during the tournament.

Crvena Zvezda is not loaded with super talents as it was the case in recent years. Squad has great size, strength and solid quality, but there are not superstars for youth level like Simanic, Radanov…Despite that, Crvena Zvezda is main favorite for 7th consecutive title in Belgrade, without a doubt. I suggest taking a closer look at Zoran Paunovic, Stefan Momirov and Arijan Lakic, while Uskokovic will have new chance to back on track of hot European talents.

Mega Bemax will concentrate their games around Nikola Miskovic and already “mature” center Goga Bitadze. I suggest taking a closer look at technical abilities of Mega Bemax guys.

Maccabi TA squad is built on play-maker Amit Ebo back. Ebo has improved a lot since last year, especially in his leadership abilities and shooting. He can compete for the best scorer of this ANGT if Maccabi establishes solid team play at least.

Partizan Belgrade will be represented with few potentially interesting guys at this ANGT. I suggest taking into account what brings Stevan Karapandzic on the floor, as well as Dusan Tanaskovic and Mateja Jovanovic. One of the potential “sleepers” is Bogdan Rutesic.

Stella Azzura brings very interesting squad on the table. Mix of domestic and foreign kids, with special talents in Djordje Pazin, Lazar Nikolic and Italian PG Trapani.

Finally, I cannot say anything in particular about three other squads. Ludwigsburg and Prague I have not watched, while Spars brings interesting prospect in Tarik Biberovic.

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