Belgrade ANGT Breakdown

Crvena Zvezda reached 7th consecutive title at Belgrade ANGT 2017 with easy win vs. Mega Bemax 74-61. Red shirted guys got their job done in 1st quarter with 28-8 scoring run.

Basketball presented at Belgrade ANGT 2017 was not at some impressive level, despite my expectations before the tournament. Many teams here have shown only bit above average qualities, while Mega Bemax and Crvena Zvezda were far ahead of all the opponents.

Top names breakdown


Aleksa Uskokovic (guard, 1999.) is prolific leader of this Crvena Zvezda generation. He is already way better than Belgrade ANGT level, but his road to successful senior player is quite a long one. Uskokovic contributes in every phase of the game (AVG: 16.8 points, 5.3 assists), but his game has not improved much in ball control, passing, anticipation of defense, as well as shot selection. Aleksa used this tournament in great manner, especially after some weaker shows in NT jersey. Crvena Zvezda will mostly look at his abilities at final tournament in Istanbul.

Another prospect from Crvena Zvezda who has shined at this tournament is Zoran Paunovic (born 2000.). He is very successful in 2pt shooting, very strong around the rim and he has great body for future 2/3 position. Paunovic is active on the rebound as well, but he needs to work hard at outside shooting stroke, aggressiveness in game-play and better penetration. Zoran ended the tournament with following averages 11.5 points and 6 rebounds.

Vuk Djordjevic (1999.) has impressed at this tournament as well. He used his minutes in right manner contributing with 14.3 pts and 4.5 rebounds. His body has changed a lot in comparison with some earlier tournaments and he has improved his chances of becoming respectful player in senior competition. Vuk was deadly at outside shooting (45%), while his conversion for 2 was more than solid one (50%).

Honorable mentions from Crvena Zvezda squad are Arijan Lakic (2000.) and Stefan Momirov (1999.)

Mega Bemax young studs at this tournament were Goga Bitadze and Nikola Miskovic, while honorable mentions should be given to Jovicic, Islamovic and Drobnjak.

Goga Bitadze (211 cm, 1999.) has shown a lot of abilities at this tournament, while he was completely dominant. His averages of 16.5 ppg and 12 rpg, with more than solid 54.5% for 2 speaks alone about his role at this ANGT. Despite the positives, Bitadze has shown some serious cons like running, movement and lacks of concentration in some situations. Goga already plays at senior level in Serbian first league, which is a fact to be taken in account as well. Bitadze has elite size, very soft touch and if he continues to develop this fast as for now, he would shine at better level soon.

Nikola Miskovic (1999.) has shown great versatility and fluidity. His movement was more than solid, shooting touch around the rim as well, while his outside shooting needs big improvements. Miskovic is definitely capable to shoot behind the arc, but he has not shown any range at this tournament. His size (207 cm) is great for small forward in the future, but I am pretty sure that Miskovic would be fluid type of player capable of playing at 3 and 4 without a problem.

Stella Azzura Roma was not brilliant at this tournament, but some of the names there emerged as serious potentials. Serbian guys Lazar Nikolic and Djordje Pazin were noticed as big potentials, while Stella got dunk contest winner in Paul Eboua.

Lazar Nikolic (1999.) has averaged 11.3 ppg, 6.3 rpg and 6.5 apg, while his problems were in outside shooting (12% for 3) and big number of turnovers (5.3 per game). Personally, I expected better tournament from Nikolic, but he has established himself as clear leader of this Stella team. Nikolic can be compared with Uskokovic, about the situation of their potential role in senior basketball. Both of them have long road of adjustments ahead of them, but both of them have a lot to offer in the future.

Djordje Pazin (2001.) had solid tournament, but I am sure that he was capable of even better. No matter he is younger than others, he has vast range of qualities to offer. In my opinion, of all 2001. born guys at this tournament Pazin, Biberovic and Karapandzic were far the best. Pazin has true basketball moves, he is very polished, but he needs to work hard on aggressiveness, anticipation and passing. Next tournaments will show all the great moves which Pazin holds in the trunk.

Amit Ebo (180 cm, 1999.) was named in top 5 of the tournament. He led his Maccabi during this tournament, but the Israelis were not ready to compete at highest level. Ebo is physically limited PG, but with great scoring instincts and capability to find open spots for his teammates and himself. In front of Ebo is serious work for right hand development, as well as some adjustments towards his role in senior basketball as way non athletic and short. Ebo has ended the tournament with 22.8 ppg, 4.3 apg and 4 tournovers per game.

Honorable mention from Maccabi goes to Tomer Porat (201 cm, 1999.) who had great tournament with 15.5 ppg and 7.8 rpg.

Mateo Seric (203 cm, 1999.) has led Ludwigsburg to 3rd place at Belgrade ANGT. Germans presented us great team play with Seric as leader with 17.3 ppg and 7 rpg. Mateo is showing constant development and he is player to watch at some others competitions. If he continues to groom his all round game and improve passing ability he can be solid option for German teams in the future.

From Prague team at this ANGT two names emerged as some potentials. Marek Welsch (180 cm, 1999.) with similar problems as his colleague at PG Amit Ebo and second is Maros Zeliznak (208 cm, 1999.) who can be next solid center from Czech republic. His main problem are stiff hands and if he resolves that he can be interesting prospect to watch in the future.

To end the story with Partizan guys Mateja Jovanovic, Tadija Tadic and Stevan Karapandzic, as well as Spars leader Tarik Biberovic.

Mateja Jovanovic (2000.) has shown some upgrades in comparison to last year, but his problems remained in shot selection, percentages and conversion around the rim. He uses board with great sensitiveness, he is capable of drawing big number of fouls and he finishes easily from FT line.

Tadija Tadic (1999.) looked stacked at solid level for more than a year, but his problems remained the same as before. His AST/TO ratio is not the perfect one, while Tadija remained between SG and PG position. At this tournament Tadic averaged 13.5 points per game, contributing in rebounds (5 per game) and assists (6.3). Tadija is capable of 1 on 1 play, has great dribbling skills, but his anticipation of opponent moves is not at highest level. Tadic will have long road to becoming senior player with significant role.

Finally, Stevan Karapandzic (184 cm, 2001.) presented some great abilities at game vs. Ludwigsburg. Stevan shoots well, moves perfectly in offense, while he is capable of great 1 on 1 defense. He should work hard on his passing and positional defense, both were “black holes” for him at this tournament.

At last, Tarik Biberovic (2001.) bought all the scouts in Belgrade with his games for Spars Sarajevo. Tarik averaged 17.8 ppg and 6.3 rpg, while he was true joy to watch in some cases. His shooting touch has improved since the last year and his running remained at very high level. Tarik is capable to play top defense with his 201 cm body, and he would be top prospect to watch in the future.

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